Catharina Aronsson of Hjo, Sweden joins ibuumerang

Hi, my name is Catharina Aronsson and I live in a wonderful little seaport, Hjo in Sweden. 

I’m 43 years old, work in sales since 16 years back and also have been involved in health business for about 18 months. 

I guess three words describe my interests very well… Health, training and TRAVEL.

I love travelling with my family and have inspired many of our friends to find a deal and a great location when they were looking to get away. Always planning the next trip before we even got home from another one. 

When I heard about iBuumerang I was immediately intrigued. 

I was looking for something that was already up and running, a website that looks great and peak interest immediately when customers enter, a good feeling around the business and the leadership and an easy way to reach out to customers. 

I´m really picky about where to invest my time and as I see this, as an investment for my future, our chance to travel the world more than we do already – I wanted this to be as good as can be. 

I was so relieved there is no autoship and other costs for the customers at iBuumerang.  No selling, no products to ship… Only a great way to save money on travels they already was supposed to do. From their homes, from their computers or phones. 

I saw a big advantage to work mainly online. –Where are people at nowadays? On their cellphone! 

Inspire through Facebook and Instagram, hand out a FREE website to use whenever they need, and for those who see the opportunity – Earn money when others save money. Win win! How brilliant!

Happy customers will probably use this way of saving money again. And tell their friends as well. 

Easy to duplicate!

For me it was a momentum I couldn´t let slip out of my hands. I wanted it easy. I got it! 

Visit my website: https://catharinaaronsson.ibuumerang.com/

View interactive presentation: https://umustsee.net//APV5XZ

Contact me: https://www.facebook.com/catharina.aronsson


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Mike Healy
Mike Healy is a direct selling seven figure earner in the network marketing industry, a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, internet marketing expert, book author, public speaker, sales trainer, business coach, and iBuumerang Top Recruiter.

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