Congratulations to New Ruby TSA’s, Terry & Felicia Gremaux

😍It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to let you know that Terry Jay Gremaux & Felicia Gremaux hit RUBY!!!
➡️They are incredible leaders and to see them rank advance in basically only 30 days to Ruby, which is 40,000 in enrollment volume is INSANE!!!!
✅Their team and everyone in the ‘Buum Time’ group are blessed to have people set the example of what can happen when you put your mind to it, rally the troops and GO FOR IT. 
Congratulations guys!!! VERY PROUD OF YOU!

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Mike Healy
Mike Healy is a direct selling seven figure earner in the network marketing industry, a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, internet marketing expert, book author, public speaker, sales trainer, business coach, and iBuumerang Top Recruiter.

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