Mick Brown from Toronto Canada Joins ibuumerang

My name’s  Mick Brown from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I was born and raised in the UK.
I’m a Real Estate Professional and a Wellness Coach.

My Real estate business was taking a nosedive around the same time I took 2 year hiatus from a Network Marketing Company to focus on Real Estate.
I’d attained a coveted position at the Company, at the time, but I had lost my passion.

I was introduced to a Health & Wellness Company and transforms over the years at 55 years of age. I loved the product and put in a few people but, truth be told It was mainly for the products which I still use today. The industry had not evolved and I was bored. At the time I had been attending Courses on Digital Marketing and dabbling with funnels etcetera which I knew was the future. I was looking to start my own Company.

When I saw iBuumerang, I was immediately intrigued. This Company was on the cutting edge of what is going on and light years ahead. They are looking to the future. Many Network Marketers hate selling, even though they will not admit it. I’m in no way knocking the industry as I know many who have made a fortune…..but many more who have not. iBuumerang is more than a Network Marketing Company….or a Travel Company. It’s a Gateway to how Business WILL be done. Interactive Presentations. No hard sell! Data is where it’s at! Look at Amazon! That and Artificial Intelligence.

This business will attract those that do not want to sell.  It’s ground floor, cutting edge, a start-up yet seasoned! There is nothing to sell. We give away savings for FREE. It’s pure genius! Then again, check out the CEO’s resume! GAME OVER!!

In the immortal words of the late great Zig Ziglar, “See you over the top”.

Visit my website: http://mickdar.ibuumerang.com/

Watch interactive presentation: http://www.umustsee.net/FVI0OM

Contact me: 416-689-7355

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Mike Healy
Mike Healy is a direct selling seven figure earner in the network marketing industry, a serial entrepreneur, business consultant, internet marketing expert, book author, public speaker, sales trainer, business coach, and iBuumerang Top Recruiter.

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