Pontus Björnim from Gothenburg, Sweden joins ibuumerang

Hi my name is Pontus and I’m 25 years old.
I’m from a small island just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden. Ive been working as an assisting nurse at a psychiatric hospital for 5 years in a ward that helps patients with mental disorders. And the last 2 years I’ve worked as a meeting coordinator for a company that provides Digital Health benefits for employees.

I have a wonderful son that is 3 years old that I’ve always wanted to provide the absolute best for, and I’ve felt a major difficulty doing that with my current job and have struggled month after month with the salary which doesn’t suit up with the life I want for me and my son.

To live in an everyday life and not know if the money will be enough at the end of the month has created a lot of pressure and much unnecessary concern. I decided that something has to be done, if i don’t change something nothing in my current situation will change either.

When I was 14 years old I got the book The Secret into my hands and my mindset shifted dramatically towards opportunity’s instead of obstacles, and I’ve ever since thought outside of the box and always been open for opportunity’s for a better lifestyle.

I have been looking for alternative ways to make money apart from my day to day job. And especially since my wonderful son came into my life I have been more determined than ever to create the absolute best life for us, and also a way for me to spend more time with him on a daily basis instead of at a job, I can’t be alone feeling that it feels wrong spending more time with colleagues than your own family in a week right?

I Joined my first network company about 3 years ago in the travel industry which has meant that I traveled a lot and experienced a lot of fun things in the recent years, I had some success in it as well when it came to the business part of it.

I have gotten to know some of my very best friends through this company. The product itself was great. The difficulty however was to retain the costumers as most of them ended their membership when they did not want to pay the membership fee each month anymore to able to travel cheaper.

That’s when I got so incredibly happy when I saw a presentation on Ibuumerang where customers get the opportunity to travel cheaper without paying a monthly fee each month. My first thought was immediately that I have finally found the right one. Finally I’m on the right place at the right time. After going through the interactive iDecide presentation, I realized how big this opportunity actually was.

Then I discovered that they had systems in place to make building this business incredibly easy as well as being part of one of the fastest growing teams in the world. I believe that with all this support, I’ll easily reach my financial goals faster than I ever thought possible. Making a lot of money is not for everybody, but I suggest that you really take the time and take a look at all the information to give yourself the opportunity to make a good decision.

I really believe that ibuumerang will be the biggest mlm company ever and I really believe that anyone can do it. I mean, what could be easier than handing out a free website? Do you find it difficult to present to people? No problem, the iDecide presentation does it for you!

Here you have all the tools to succeed if you really are prepared to do the job.

Visit my website: bjornim.ibuumerang.com

Watch interactive presentation: http://www.umustsee.net/XOG3LP

Contact me: +46737047101, Vegeta_man3@hotmail.comhttps://www.facebook.com/Pontus.Bjornim

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