Below is an updated video that explains the NEW compensation plan updates including updates on the launch of Vibe Rides.

The MARKETING FUNNEL video below is EXACTLY what you need to get your business up and running, HOW TO RECRUIT, tools to use and what to say and how to say it. This video should be a priority and viewed a few times to make sure you retain the information.

THE ATM LAUNCH STRATEGY video below explains our “Add. Tag. Message.” strategy our team is using to EASILY introduce prospects to iBuumerang in a PRIVATE Facebook group. This is a PRIORITY video to watch.

The HOW TO BUILD IT BIG training video is from a TEAM TRAINING on all aspects of the iBuumerang business. This is a MUST WATCH video since it will show you exactly what you have your hands on what the long term potential is if you follow the formula, stay the course and build it big.

The HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR IBUUMERANG BUSINESS video below is a detailed introduction to how to build, the future of your business, duplication secrets, what to say and how to say it and much more..

How to Launch Your iBuumerang Business

Below is a video on the IBUUMERANG COMPENSATION PLAN. In it you will understand the basics of how you get paid and why this customer centric compensation plan could potentially generate you massive amounts of income.

iBuumerang Compensation Plan

The video below is a brief overview of the IDECIDE INTERACTIVE SYSTEM and how to set it up, and use it.


This vide shows you what you need to become DUAL TEAM QUALIFIED.


The video below is a more detailed BINARY TRAINING. In it you will understand how a dual team/binary compensation works, builds and the best strategies you need to grow your team quickly.


The video below is VERY DETAILED COMP PLAN TRAINING by Global Master Ambassador, Edwin Haynes. Please Fast forward to the 10 Minute mark to get to the VERY IMPORTANT STUFF.


The audio below is the CASH COW TRAINING by Holton Buggs. Its one of his most famous trainings.

The video below is of the KEY NOTE SPEECH BY HOLTON BUGGS at the Las Vegas iBuumerang official launch event September 1st 2019. This is a MUCH WATCH since you will see the vision of where this company is going.

Below are a series of videos taken from a private Zoom that Holton Buggs did. These are VERY GOOD in explaining certain aspects of our company and how to answer some of the most common questions.

Team Members of Mike Healy’s Group get Free Access to this Course. Please use this code: HEALYTEAM100